Oh, hey! How you doing?

Welcome to Hello Treacle and my little corner of the internet, where I bring the rage and the rainbows to the party. I'm Amy, a 30 something mum of two - a lefty, vegan, equalist, colour lover. I love to doodle and make stuff, especially stuff that makes people smile or gives them the warm fuzzies.

Hello Treacle is a brand firmly rooted with its values in positivity, empowerment, community and action. The Hello Treacle product range includes cards, badges, pins, pouches, acrylic accessories and even a monthly subscription box. But less of the what – I want to tell you a story about why and how.

The Hello Treacle story…

This business is personal, so the story is, too.

Hello Treacle was born in autumn 2016 in a 2x2m spare room on a desk made from an upcycled cupboard door which had been pasted with old Spiderman comics. It began with a crappy £40 printer, Microsoft Publisher and a shitty laptop which had to be plugged in all the damn time or it would die. Hello Treacle was born from a dream I’d carried since a child, that I wanted my own creative business, but I was still keeping it at arm’s length because I was afraid of both failure and success. It started with three cards about infertility, badly photographed and listed on Etsy. I waited.

The first sale came in, then the second, third, fourth… eventually the 100th, and slowly my social media presence grew, too. And a little over 5 years down the line, I’ve recently made my 7,000th Etsy sale, I have my own website as well as having Hello Treacle goodies in some lovely shops around the country. I’m now also wholly self employed, earning enough to keep myself afloat for the limited hours I’m physically able to work with the Tiny Treacles running around, screaming, laughing, smearing chocolate and playdoh about the place with their little cherub faces and cute smiles that magically make everything okay.

Hello Treacle began about infertility, but I always knew that deep down I wanted more. Infertility remains and always will be a very important issue for me and my family, and we will continue to proudly raise awareness and support people facing fertility problems. But Hello Treacle has grown to become a brand known for its positivity, and one that seeks to empower, strengthen and bolster. A brand that gives back through awareness raising and charitable donations. A brand that won’t be quiet, that’s unafraid and unapologetic about championing causes and values that matter. I love a good troll, me – or at least I’m learning to!

The Royal We

And finally, I’d like to take a moment to talk about why I say ‘we’ so much… I’m Amy, the girl in the driving seat, but Hello Treacle wouldn’t be possible without my husband tolerating my late nights, the flat pack boxes everywhere, pins and badges shoved in every nook and cranny in the house, and the constant “what do you think of…” and “could you please…” questions. Hello Treacle would also never have existed if it weren’t for Tiny and our aspirations that the Tiniest Treacle might join our family – those kids drive me up the wall some days, but they light up my life in a way that far exceeds any expectations I ever had of motherhood, too. Someone said to me while I was pregnant with Tiny that “Parenting is the hardest and most rewarding job you will ever have” – it’s the greatest truth I think I’ve been told in my adult life.


Aside of enamel pins and a few different printing jobs, I proudly design and make everything here at Treacle Towers. But sometimes I need some help, so Team Treacle is also very slowly growing. At the moment I have a small number of friends who pitch in occasionally, trading skills and services so that we can all support each other’s little businesses and get by while we chase our dreams. Without those friends and their support I couldn’t keep up with orders and one day I hope to be able to offer steady employment and apprenticeship opportunities if Hello Treacle grows enough.

Thanks for stopping by to have a read. Please get in touch via the Contact Us form if you’ve any questions or feedback.

Have a bloody marvellous day.