Treacle Trove subscription pre-payment

Treacle Trove subscription pre-payment

  • £12.50

Take what you need...

The Treacle Trove is an uplifting monthly subscription box from Hello Treacle, delivering beautiful and affirming goodies to your door. Each month there will be a different theme, which will be present across all of the items in your box.

Contents of the Treacle Trove box are designed with the mindset of “take what you need” – they’re beautifully gift wrapped as a treat for you, but also so that they’re perfect for onwards gifting to someone else who may need and appreciate the sentiment behind that month’s theme.

Each subscription box will contain a Treacle Token. Treacle tokens contain an affirmation, laser engraved on a sustainably sourced and cut wooden token. Treacle Tokens are the perfect size to keep in your purse or pocket, but also come with a small hole so that you can thread them onto something for safe keeping.

All tokens are engraved with #keepmegiftme on the reverse, a reminder to take what you need, and to pass your token along to someone else who may benefit from their message if you no longer need them.

What's in the box?

Each month you will receive, as a minimum:

  • An accessory or piece of jewellery, exclusive to the Treacle Trove, designed and made by us at Treacle Towers
  • A Treacle Token
  • A button badge
  • A mini print/postcard and envelope
  • A theme card – outlining the theme and contents of the box


Pricing and payments

  • Monthly subscription, payable monthly £12.50
  • One month gift/taster box (month specific) £12.50
  • 3 month subscription (4 boxes, including welcome box) £47.50
  • 6 month subscription (7 boxes, including welcome box) £80.00
  • 12 month subscription (13 boxes, including welcome box) £140.00

Includes shipping, international subscribers add £3.00 per box 


When you sign up for a pay monthly subscription, payment for the first subscription will be taken immediately and a welcome box will be shipped by 2 December, or within 3 working days. From then, your monthly subscription will be debited on the same day of each month, with boxes shipping by 15th of that month (or the following month, if you joined during the second half of the month).

If you are ordering a pay in advance subscription, your welcome box will be shipped by 2 December, or within 3 working days, then your fixed subscription will ship by the 15th of each month for the duration of your subscription term.

Alternatively, order a pay monthly subscription here (via Paypal)

£12.50 / month


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