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Did you miss out on one of the previous Stash Boxes?? Fear not! This is your chance to get your paws on any remaining past boxes!

Each box comes with the URL to access the pattern online.

Stash Box past boxes come with a British made needle, thread sorting card, felt for backing and DMC branded card bobbins. A link to the pattern is included in the box.

January 2023 - Love Yourself First

  • 5 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC 3713, 3831, 3832 and 3833 pinks
  • Zweigart 16 count white aida and size 26 needle

December 2022 - Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

  • 6 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC 562 and 563 greens, 972 yellow and 333 purple
  • DMC green 14 count aida

November 2022 - Get Cosy/Get Lost

  • 4 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC Etoile pink 603, Etoile red 666 and cotton pale blue 3752
  • 2 pieces white 14 count Zweigart aida

October 2022 - Doing My Best

  • 5 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC greens - 954, 913, 912, and pink 3689
  • 14 count black DMC and white Zweigart aida

September 2022 - Moth

  • 5 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC purples - 3834, 3041, 3042, 3743
  • 14 count grey Zweigart aida

August 2022 - Pobody's Nerfect

  • 6 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC E1010 neon pink, 3851 green, 3850 green
  • 14 count black aida

July 2022 - Bloom

  • 4 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC 24 white lavender, 4190 Coral Variegated, 3824 Apricot and 3837 Purple
  • 14 count white aida

June 2022 - No.

  • 6 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC 906 gree, 907 green, 28 grey, 741 orange
  • 14 count grey Zweigart aida

May 2022 - Fresh Out Of Fucks

  • 5 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC E980 neon yellow, 2 grey, 208 purple
  • 14 count black aida
  • Pompom and neon cord trim

April 2022 - Breathe

  • 5 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC 957 Pink, 3765 Blue, 3766 Blue, 747 Blue 
  • 14 count white aida

March 2022 - One Day At A Time

  • 4 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC 422 Blue, 956 Pink, 605 Pink, 445 Yellow 
  • 14 count white aida

February 2022 - Trust the Process

  • 6 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC 4514 Coloris, 3849 aqua, 3836 purple, 964 pale aqua
  • 14 count white aida

January 2022 - Responsible Adult

  • 6 inch British made Elbesee hard wood hoop
  • DMC 433 brown, 726 yellow, 608 orange, 702 green
  • 14 count white aida

Many of us hand embroiderers and cross stitchers aspire to collect all the floss colours in a range. To be able to visit our floss stash and be able to stitch anything our hearts desire. And that's where Stash Box comes in.

Stash Box is a curated monthly box of cross stitch and hand embroidery supplies, designed to grow your stash of DMC embroidery floss, along with materials and optional quick patterns to stitch as you go.

Each Stash Box past box contains:

  • At least 3 skeins of DMC embroidery floss 
    1 x Light Effects, Satin or Metallic, plus 2 x Mouline Cotton, OR 4 x Mouline Cotton 
  • 1 Elbesee embroidery hoop
    British made, hardwood hoop, quality you can both see and feel
  • A square of aida or embroidery fabric, plus a square of backing fabric or acrylic felt
  • A needle and threader with card thread sorter
    British made steel cross stitch or embroidery needle
  • DMC card bobbins

Note regarding packaging

We know how exciting it is to get a subscription box - something just for you, which you look forward to each month. But, when it all boils down, what really happens with all that "fluff" - you know, the tissue, extra stickers and confetti etc? How many people really keep it or reuse it?

Well, as part of our planning, to limit the amount of waste (both in production and disposal), and 

to keep costs down for you and us, we have decided not to include tissue and unnecessary fluff, right down to having plain brown boxes. Stickers used for the QR codes and outside of the boxes have been created using labels we already had in stock and we will be moving to rubber stamps as soon as they run out.

We know that our customers care deeply about the planet and we hope that this absence of "fluff"  doesn't hinder your interest in our amazing box!

If you'd like to subscribe for a monthly box, check out the subscription listing for more information and to sign up now!