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So there I was, looking at my bank balance, looking at the bills and wondering what the fuck the future might look like. I'm alright right now, but how long will it last? The energy increase projections signpost trouble ahead for those on low and middle incomes. The nation is in the grip of a cost of living crisis fuelled by capitalist greed and our government of privileged and self-serving career politicians.

I looked at the small bundle of little black coin purses I found the other day and knew there was only one thing for them. Penny pouches for the little we have left after we've lined the pockets of the already rich.

This pouch measures 12cm wide by 8.5cm tall (including the zip) and was ethically produced. It was printed using gold vinyl at Treacle Towers.

Care instructions: We recommend spot sponge washing the surface only to prevent damaging the vinyl. 

Side note: It's not lost on us that we're asking you to use your own limited funds to shop with us and uphold this capitalist nightmare, but please know we are so deeply thankful for each and every purchase you make - you're helping to keep our lights on and our bellies full.



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