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The moment when you realise you are the responsible adult adn you're all completely fucked

6 inch pattern on 14 count white aida

Requires DMC 433 brown, 726 yellow, 608 orange, 702 green.

(January '22 Stash Box)

New Year Same You cross stitch pattern

5 inch pattern on 14 count white aida

Requires DMC 3804 pink, 3812 green, and E130 light effects multi metallic.

(December Stash Box)

Hello Pudding

Hello Pudding

4 inch pattern on 16 count red aida

Requires DMC B5200 white, 910 green, S898 satin dark brown and 420 brown.

(November Stash Box)

Snowflake Cross Stitch Pattern


4 inch pattern on 14 count white, sparkly aida

Requires DMC C 519 etoile blue, 162 blue and C Blanc white.

(October Stash Box)

Treats Please cross stitch

Treats Please!

5 inch pattern on 14 count black aida

Requires DMC 169 grey, E940 glow in the dark, and 210 lilac. 

(September Stash Box)

Sewing Is My Therapy Cross Stitch pattern (new window)

Sewing Is My Therapy

5 inch pattern on 14 count aida

Requires DMC 310 black, 3843, 307 yellow, 601 pink - or equivalents.

(August Stash Box)

Ray of Fucking Sunshine

5 inch pattern on 14 count aida

Requires DMC 310 black, 307 yellow and Blanc - or equivalents.

 Don't Give Up

 4 inch pattern on 14 count aida

We recommend using brights on black aida. We love E1010 (neon pink) and E990 (neon green)

Free Alphabet pattern in an embroidery hoop

Cross Stitch Alphabet

A basic alphabet to get you started. Great to use on our Phone Stands

Keep on Keeping On

4 inch pattern on 14 count aida.

Requires DMC 310 black, 601 pink and 3843 blue - or equivalents.

Rest, Don't Quit

 4 inch on 14 count aida. Cross stitch and black work.

Requires DMC 310 black, 601 pink and 3843 blue - or equivalents.

Other free patterns!

Tories Hate

5 inch on 14 count aida

Requires DMC 666 red, 310 black and 996 blue. It's a beautiful blue, but it's also Tory blue. Pfft. 

Positive Pants Cross Stitch pattern

Put On Your Positive Pants

4 inch on 14 count aida

Requires DMC 310 black and 740 orange.

Also available as a kit.


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