Free Downloads

Everyone loves a freebie - especially when you're stuck indoors, needing things to do, and money is tight.

Here are some printables to help with idle hands and anxious minds. Everything on this page is free to download, but if you do have a few pennies please take a browse through the shop, maybe buy something small - because small businesses like mine need support to survive.

Thank you!

Never Trust Tories colouring page

2022 Local Election poster 


Colour it in. Add a doodle. Let your toddler do their worst. Never trust a Tory and remind your neighbours that they shouldn't either.
Boris Doodle Colouring Sheet

Boris Colouring Sheet


What's the latest, Mr BoJo?

Print, colour, doodle, put words in his mouth. Endless possibilities, endless fun.

Neurodivergent brain cross stitch pattern

Neurodivergent Cross Stitch Pattern 

On Easter Sunday 2021, I "came out" as neurodivergent - celebrating who I am proudly as part of Autism Acceptance month.

I created this pattern as a free download to fit a 6" embroidery hoop to celebrate all of the wonderful neurodivergent people in the world.


Be Everything The Tories Hate cross stitch pattern

Be Everything That The Tories Hate cross stitch pattern  

Words to live by. Today, tomorrow and always. Perfect for your wall, or to stitch and gift to a fellow leftie.

Find more political goodies via our Playfully Political collection and cross sewing goodies via Sew Treacle.

Look For Rainbows colouring sheet


Our much loved Look For Rainbows pin design, now available as a free printable colouring sheet. Will you doodle some extra bits in the sky?

Pins and button badges are available via our Rainbows Collection.

Positive Pants cross stitch pattern


All the guidance you need to get started on stitching this pattern for a 4 inch/10cm hoop. Shop the Positive Pants collection for pins, badges, cards and more.

Isolating colouring sheet

We are taking social distancing measures at Treacle Towers and only one of us is going out to run errands. If you are in the unfortunate situation of isolating for your protection, or that of others, heres a little colouring sheet to keep you or your smalls occupied a short while. Add flourishes, flowers, doodles of bugs - whatever makes you happy. Tag us on social media @hellotreaclestore if you share. Look after yourself - our thoughts are with you.

Big Difference colouring sheet

Acts of kindness, no matter how small, can make a real difference to someone's life. Whether you're sparing a loo roll, running an errand, or going out of your way to do something special, gifting a little of your time to help someone else can really make their day.

Sloth Mama Hello Treacle x Corazon PomPom colouring sheet

My collaboration with Corazon PomPom to create the beautiful golden rainbow sloth mama pin is one of my favourite projects to date. She stands for taking it easy, being kind to yourself, embracing the lazy days, and enjoying as much of this precious time as possible.



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