About Us

I'm Amy, the girl behind Hello Treacle. I'm a 30 something mum of two, passionate about spreading a bit of positivity, silliness and the occasional expletive about the place.

I founded Hello Treacle to support women experiencing fertility problems by offering a series of honest, fun cards to raise a smile. I experienced infertility, pregnancy loss and a fair amount of emotional trauma while trying to start a family and I felt that I needed to turn my experience into something positive.

That was in October 2016 and my have we grown since. I've loved every minute of Hello Treacle, even the bits that scare me - like running a Kickstarter!!

I'm really enjoying expanding what I do, raising smiles at craft fairs and helping you support your buddies with nice cards, pins, badges and other fun accessories.

This website now includes a lovely blog, which features guest writers on topics relevant to Hello Treacle goodies and are hopefully of interest to you, too.