Pins For Tins

Pins For Tins launched on Friday 13 December in response to the outcome of the 2019 General Election and the our overwhelming need to create positive action and draw our community together. Until the end of 2019, Hello Treacle donated the value of a tin of food, or equivalent value to Swindon Food Collective - our local food bank.

We welcomed aboard guest artists Liz Harry Design, A Pale Landscape, A Load of Ol Bobbins, Corazon Pompom, O What a Feeling and Lonely Angus, who've all donated artwork to Hello Treacle in support of the campaign.


At 11:59 on 31 December we raised a total of £421.50, having sold in excess of 1,100 badges.

Pins for Tins has become more than just a Christmastime response to a disappointing election result. It's become a call for positive action in difficult times. With this in mind, for the duration of 2020, we will continue to donate 10p for every Hello Treacle Pins For Tins badge, and 20p for every guest artist badge sold via the Hello Treacle website.

We will continue to welcome new artists and artwork if they wish to add to our collection and we will continue to add to it, too.

Big love to you all and thank you for your support - let's see how much good we can do this year!