Shake your coconut milk!

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Here it is! I'm proud to present our coconut milk recipe and a little bit about how we fortify our homemade milk.

Let's be honest - foodie blogs are lovely, but you don't have the time to read aaaaaall the blurb and scroll eleventy billion photos to get to the recipe! So I'll cut to the chase!

We've tried a number of methods to make coconut milk, but this is by far our favourite. Coconut is naturally sweet, so although we do choose to thicken it, there's absolutely no added sweetener. 

Extra notes and tips are at the bottom - like which vitamins do we use and what do we do with the surplus coconut!


  • Measuring cup
  • Teaspoon / measuring spoons
  • Soup maker - We use a Morphy Richards one
  • Nut milk bag - we prefer the synthetic one to the cotton ones, because the cotton ones seem to get clogged up quicker
  • Large glass or ceramic jug
  • Kitchen tongs (optional)
  • Funnel
  • Glass bottle for storing


  • 1 cup Desiccated coconut 
  • 1300 ml cold water
  • 1/2 teaspoon Xanthan Gum

Optional extras

  • Calcium carbonate powder
  • Liquid B vitamin complex
  • Liquid D vitamins

One cup of coconut Half a teaspoon of xanthan gum Adding B complex


  •  Fill your soup maker with cold water to its fill line. On our soup maker we go to the 1,300 ml line
  • Add 1 cup of desiccated coconut and 1/2 a teaspoon of xanthan gum. You may wish to play with the amount of xanthan gum you add - we didn't use any for a long time, but prefer it with a little
  • Add optional 1 teaspoon of calcium carbonate
  • Set your soup maker to smooth and wait for it to do its business. Maybe have a cuppa.
  • When your soup maker has finished doing its stuff, place the nut milk bag inside the large jug, then pour the mixture into the bag to catch the pulp. It will be hot, so watch your fingers!
  • Remove the nut milk bag from the jug. I like to squeeze the bag with tongs when I lift it out - Mr Treacle doesn't tend to bother. I think it makes for creamier milk, but it's entirely up to you.
  • Leave the milk to cool to room temperature.
  • Add your liquid vitamins and give it a stir, then use the funnel to pour the milk into the bottle.
  • Store in the fridge for up to one week.

Coconut milk

Notes and tips

  • We source our vitamins online and use Solgar Vitamin B12 and B complex, as well as Nature's Aid Vitamin D3. Recently we've used Now Foods Calcium Carbonate. I've not linked because there are SO many options out there and I'm no expert. The liquid vitamins are really strong, though, so we don't add loads. 1 dropper of D and only a few drops of B - the B is orange in colour and three drops is enough to affect the colour of the milk!
  • This milk will separate a little, but hey, so do shop bought milks - you just don't see how much because it's in Tetra packaging. Even non-homogenised dairy milk separates. Make sure you shake before you pour!
  • If you don't have a soup maker, don't panic! You can whizz up the coconut with near-boiling water in a blender for a couple of minutes. If you do this, I'd recommend leaving it to stand a little while so that the coconut absorbs as much of the water as possible. CAUTION - using boiling water in a plastic blender jug can cause it to crack. Please be careful and consider using only with glass.
  • As for the surplus / waste coconut, we bought a dehydrator. We dry it out, then grind it down to a fine powder to use in baking. We can't keep all of it, but we use a good amount this way and are proud to make milk with such little waste.

And finally, I don't think this recipe is perfect, but we are happy enough with it for now. Please let me know if you try it and made any changes!


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