Rainbow Twist Hoop – How To

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Rainbow Twist Hoop – How To

This simple piece of wall art is perfect for brightening any wall. I created it using a square of felt, which would usually be included as part of a Sew Treacle kit. I used new threads, but this would actually be a really lovely project to use up threads from your loose ends jar if you have one.

If you’re using a 4 inch hoop and 7 colours, you’ll need about 2 - 2.5 metres of each colour. 

What you'll need: 

  • Embroidery hoop (I used a 4 inch Elbesee hoop)
  • Needle (I used size 24 tapestry needles. You can use one needle and rethread your threads, or seven needles so that you can leave them attached)
  • Felt square (you’ll find 15cm squares in 4 inch hoop kits, or 20cm squares in 5 and 6 inch hoop kits)
  • Threads or yarn. I used DMC 666 (red), 740 (orange), 307 (yellow), 702 (green), 996 (blue), 552 (purple), 601 (pink).
  • Sharp scissors for snipping thread and trimming felt

Step 1:

Begin by bringing your red thread up through the felt at the top of the hoop. Stay as close to the inner ring as possible – this will help to guide you round and create a smooth circle shape as you work.

Bring the thread down to the mid-point at the bottom and insert the needle through to the other side.

If you’re using multiple needles, tuck your needle into the felt from the other side to hold it safe while you add more colours (see step 4 below).

Step 2: 

Working clockwise, bring your orange thread up immediately to the right of the red thread.

Cross it over the red thread and insert your needle back into the felt at the bottom, immediately to the left of the red thread.

Step 3: 

Repeat the same with yellow, followed by the other colours. Your twist will begin to appear quite quickly!

Step 4: 

When you tuck your needles into the felt on the back, work left to right. This will help you to avoid tangles as you turn the hoop and add more colours!

Step 5: 

Once you’ve done a full set of colours, begin the process again. You began working from the top of the hoop to the bottom. Now you work bottom to top. 

Take the red needle from the back, then bringing it up through the felt immediately next to where the pink thread was pulled through. 

As before, cross it over and reinsert it immediately to the left of the pink and tuck it into the felt.

Step 6: 

Your twist should be beginning to show! Isn’t it beautiful!

Step 7: 

When your threads come to an end, I found the best way to tie them off is by knotting each thread to the one before, then snipping them off.

Step 8:

Tangles can be a bit of a concern if your threads are too long!

I recommend placing your needles in the back in the order you will use them, working left to right. It helps to minimise tangles and thread wastage.

It may take a little patience, but the results are definitely worth the effort!


Step 9: 



Step 10: 

When you’ve finished and gone all the way around, knot off your threads and pull the felt taught in your hoop.

Use some sharp scissors to trim the felt right down to the rim of the hoop.

Step 11: 

Because we’ve worked to the edge of the inner ring, the back of your hoop is hopefully going to be relatively tidy and it should sit flush to the wall when you hang it.

Step 12: 

Turn it over and admire the simplicity and beautiful impact of your creation!

I hope you found your flow and enjoyed the process of creating this piece of art for your wall!

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More fun tutorials are coming soon!

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