Cover your hoop butt - felt and blanket stitch

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Cover your hoop butt - felt and blanket stitch

If you'd like to cover your butt, here's a quick guide to blanket stitching a felt circle over the back.

Felt squares are now included in all Sew Treacle cross stitch and embroidery hoop kits as standard.

Place the inner ring from your hoop on top of your felt square, draw around it and cut the circle out. Reassemble your hoop.

 Trim the excess aida from your sewing using sharp scissors – up to 1 inch from the edge of the hoop.

Pull the thread tight Using the pearl thread provided in your kit (or other thread), make a running stitch around the surplus aida, then pull it taught to gather the fabric and secure with a knot.
Insert needle

Cut another length of thread of your choice (pearl, stranded cotton, or other) and tie a knot in the end. Pass your needle through the aida on the back of your hoop, in an outwards direction.

Trim excess aida

Place your felt circle on top, then make a stitch in the same direction as the one previous – towards the outside edge of your hoop.

Loop the thread behind the needle

As you do this, ensure that your needle passes through the loop of the thread / over the tail of the thread, so that it forms a little line around the circumference of the felt.

Space your stitches evenly Repeat this process, spacing your stitches as evenly as possible. Work your way around the circumference of the hoop.
Loop through to finish When you reach the end, loop your thread through the first stitch and secure with a knot before trimming.

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