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Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Tutorial -

If you'd like to cover your butt, here's a quick guide to blanket stitching a felt circle over the back.

Felt squares are now included in all Sew Treacle cross stitch and embroidery hoop kits as standard.

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Cross Stitch, Team Treacle -

My name is Gemmie and I work for Hello Treacle. I do a bit of everything in my role but I jumped at the chance of working with one of the sewing kits because I absolutely love everything about it! I box them up but I have never actually worked on one. Amy changed that.   

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Embroidery, Rainbow, Tutorial -

This simple piece of wall art is perfect for brightening any wall. I created it using a square of felt, which would usually be included as part of a Sew Treacle kit. I used new threads, but this would actually be a really lovely project to use up threads from your loose ends jar if you have one. If you’re using a 4 inch hoop and 7 colours, you’ll need about 2 - 2.5 metres of each colour.  What you'll need:  Embroidery hoop (I used a 4 inch Elbesee hoop) Needle (I used size 24 tapestry needles. You can use...

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